About Us

About Us

About Nottingham Bazaar

Our new Cash & Carry and distribution hub at Hucknall road Nottingham is a custom built location to supply the wholesale and catering market across UK.

 With many years of experience in the wholesale grocery supply industry from our Leicester premises. We have now expanded our services to our new warehouse and Cash & Carry in Nottingham. Our aim will be to open our premises 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

All our customers are invited to discuss their needs and service requirements. Our service staff and senior management is available to offer assistance.


Catering, Retail can be supplied with Groceries, Frozen foods, Chilled foods, Drinks, Fruit and Vegetables. Also available cleaning and packaging items.

Cash & Carry

A wide range of Grocery, Frozen and Chilled Foods for both Catering and Retail. We also offer a wide range of household items and much more for your convenience

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Our Comitment

Our commitment is to offer a range of products that meet the challenges and offer solutions to the problems relating to the increasing rate of inflation